It is this very special moment, just before the camera lens closes - the moment at which the photographer and model glance at each other through the viewfinder - which repeatedly makes this work so appealing to me.

Frequently it is the personality or the works - most of the time it is both of these things. Sometimes it is also the exterior that awakens the desire in me to see a person through the camera. Sometimes it is that certain unapproachable way, that aloof way of dealing with emotion, which makes me especially curious.

Even though I feel photography has a lot to do with feeling, both parties, the model and the photographer, risk something in the final analysis, when they get involved with one another; thus, each of my pictures represents a small tribute, sometimes even a small declaration of love to a certain person.

In my opinion, photography is a form of expression that consciously confronts the opinions of third parties and shares recognition and criticism. In addition, photography is an effective tool for dealing with time, as it is capable of catching these brief moments that can dominate the memory of a day or a whole week.